Mali [Flickr: Magharebia]

Citizens in northern Mali protest punishment under Islamic law

The Chicago Tribune reports that hundreds of young people in the northern Malian city of Gao protested and eventually delayed the amputation of a suspected thief by the Islamist group Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa, or MUJWA, which controls the city. MUJWA alongside Ansar Dine and AQIM, the North African wing of Al Qaeda, are in control of North Mali and have been imposing their severe and violent understanding of Islamic law, as described in last week’s roundup on islawmix. One representative of MUJWA was quoted about the demonstrations against the amputation and the beating of a journalist who spoke out against the punishment:

“We don't care about secularism, democracy, the international community or others. People must accept that we will impose sharia whether they like it or not,” he said. “It is not tramps like journalists who are going to stop us.”

In a recent turnaround with Islamists, The Washington Post reports that Ansar Dine leader Iyad Ag Ghali has agreed to meet with Burkina Faso’s Foreign Minister Djibril Bassole as a mediator for the conflict. The article repeatedly refers to Malian Islamists as imposing Islamic law.

The situation in Mali is also covered by Voice of America.

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